$850,000 Settlement for Security Guard’s Broken Ankle

A security guard tripped and fell on a cracked and uneven walkway in front of the building where she worked.  She broke three bones in her ankle.  Her fractured ankle was surgically repaired with metal plates and screws. After Mr. Katter defeated the building owner’s efforts to have the case dismissed, he settled the lawsuit with its insurance company.  He brought the lawsuit in New York County (Manhattan), New York.

$130,000 Settlement for Retired Teacher’s Wrist Fracture

A retired high-school teacher was walking on a sidewalk on the Lower East Side when she stepped into a puddle that covered a sunken section of sidewalk.  As a result, she lost her balance and tripped, fell and broke her wrist.  She wore a cast and underwent physical therapy.  Mr. Katter settled this case while it was on the court’s pre-trial calendar.  He brought her lawsuit in Kings County (Brooklyn), New York.

$1,000,000 Settlement for Knee Injuries after Construction Accident

A laborer tripped and fell down unfinished steps in a building undergoing renovation. He suffered injuries to both knees and treated with arthroscopic surgeries and ultimately, knee replacements.  Mr. Katter settled this case after mediation and in court on the eve of trial. Venue: Kings County (Brooklyn), NY.

$805,000 Settlement for Motorcyclist's Injuries

A lab technician, on a motorcycle, was stopped next to a turning tractor-trailer truck that ran over his leg.  He suffered a broken ankle, which was repaired surgically with screws and plates. Mr. Katter settled this case with the truck owner's insurance company, after all discovery of evidence was completed.  Venue: Bronx County (Bronx), NY.

$777,500 for Pedestrian Struck by Taxi Cab in Construction Zone

An art designer was struck by a taxi cab after she stepped into the crosswalk.  She suffered leg, pelvic and inner ear injuries. She had a hearing loss.  After the case was placed on the court's ready trial calendar, Mr. Katter mediated the case and negotiated settlements with the insurance companies for both the taxicab and the construction company that had improperly reconfigured the roadway. Venue: Kings County (Brooklyn), NY.  

$707,000.00 for Burns Suffered in Dance Club

A college student suffered third-degree burns to her legs when her skirt caught fire from a candle on the floor of a dance club.  She underwent skin grafting and suffered scarring.  After the completion of all pretrial discovery and the case was on the court's trial calendar, Mr. Katter settled this case at mediation.  Venue: New York County (Manhattan) , NY.

$650,000 Settlement for Leg Fracture from Fall in Hotel Lobby

A fast-food restaurant manager slipped and fell on broken glass on steps in a hotel's lobby and suffered a broken leg. Mr. Katter negotiated a settlement with the hotel's insurance company, after he defeated its attempt to have the lawsuit dismissed. Venue: Bronx County (Bronx), NY.    

$500,000 for Arm Fracture.  

A pharmacist tripped on a torn rug, fell down a staircase, and broke her arm.  Mr. Katter settled this case with the homeowner's insurance company, pre-trial, during jury selection. Venue: Kings County (Brooklyn), NY.

$370,000 for Hip Fracture in Nursing Home Fall  

A patient, who had been admitted to a nursing facility for rehabilitation, fell when a nursing assistant was lifting her.  She fractured her hip, had surgical repair with plates and screws and suffered post-surgical infections. Mr. Katter negotiated the settlement after mediation and on the eve of trial. Venue: Queens County (Queens), New York.

$250,000 for a Pedestrian Hit by a Truck's Grab Bar

A construction worker, who was walking on a sidewalk, was struck and knocked down by a grab-bar that extended from the side of turning, sanitation truck. He sustained a rotator cuff tear to his shoulder, which required surgical reconstruction.  Mr. Katter negotiated the settlement, at trial after he had finished submitting his client's case to the jury.  Venue: Kings County (Brooklyn), NY.

$190,000 Settlement for Funeral Home Negligence

A funeral home misplaced a child's remains and did not find them until after the funeral. Mr. Katter represented the child's parents and settled this case, while discovery was proceeding in the lawsuit. Venue: Bronx County (Bronx), NY.

$150,000 for Slip and Fall During Snowstorm

During a heavy snowstorm, an office worker slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk. He suffered an ankle fracture, which was orthopedically repaired with screws and plates. Mr. Katter settled the case after four days of trial, after both sides had finished putting in their evidence to the jury. Venue: New York County (Manhattan), NY.

$105,000 for Knee Injuries Suffered while Exiting Stuck Elevator

A bookkeeper jumped to the lobby from an elevator that was stuck several feet above the floor.  She sustained knee injuries and had arthroscopic surgery.  Mr. Katter settled the case at trial, while the jury was deliberating. Venue: New York County (Manhattan), NY.

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