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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Glossary of Terms (Part 2): Know the Basics!

In my last article, we discussed terms used in personal injury cases. We continue with the additional terms below. Consider this your pocket guide!

  1. Retainer Agreement: The written agreement that a client signs to hire an attorney to represent them.

    • The attorney's services include bringing an informal claim against the person or business who caused the injury. If the claim cannot be resolved, the attorney will file a lawsuit.

  2. Contingency Fee: Usually a personal injury attorney will agree that no legal fee is earned, unless and until, money is recovered for the client.  

  3. Settlement: A payment that all parties to the claim or lawsuit agree will end the dispute.   

  4. Statute of Limitations: Specific periods of time that are legal deadlines within which a lawsuit must be filed.

    • It is impossible to bring a claim or lawsuit after the Statute of Limitations has passed!

  5. Court: Generally refers to the Supreme Court—the lower, civil trial, court in New York.

  6. Standard of Proof: The preponderance of the evidence is the Standard of Proof in a civil lawsuit. That means that the judge or jury rules in the plaintiff’s favor if they believe that the evidence shows that the plaintiff's version of the events is more likely, than not, to be true. This is a lower burden than required in a criminal case.

  7. Judge: The official who acts as an umpire or referee in a lawsuit.

    • The Judge decides which information the jury may consider and what rules of conduct to  apply to the parties.  

  8. Evidence: The testimony or documents that the court decides can be considered by the jury in reaching a decision.

  9. Jury: In New York, the six people who listen to testimony in a lawsuit and decide what the facts are and apply the facts to the legal standards that the Judge gives them to reach a verdict.

  10. Verdict: The jury’s decision whether the plaintiff has proven that the defendant was legally responsible for her injuries. The jury also decides how much money the defendant must pay the plaintiff.

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Ron Katter

Katter Law Firm
Phone: 844-WAS-HURT
Alt Phone: 212-809-4293

Ron Katter

Katter Law Firm
Phone: 844-WAS-HURT
Alt Phone: 212-809-4293

Ron Katter

Katter Law Firm
Phone: 844-WAS-HURT
Alt Phone: 212-809-4293

Ron Katter

Katter Law Firm
Phone: 844-WAS-HURT
Alt Phone: 212-809-4293

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